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Tillägg - Trådlös Temperatursensor

Tillägg - Trådlös Temperatursensor

Upplev en ny nivå av komfort och välbefinnande samtidigt som du mäter temperaturen där den är viktigast för dig med tado° Trådlös Temperature Sensor.

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    Multi-Room Control with Smart Schedules for every room saves even more money and energy.

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About the product

What's in the box

• Trådlös Temperatursensor
• 3 AAA-batterier
• Klisterplattor
• Monteringsmaterial


Trådlös Temperatursensor: 104 x 104 x 18 mm


4.5V DC (3 AAA batterier, 1.200 mAh)


Garanti: 2 år

Certified refurbished: tado° products as good as new

With our certified refurbished products, you’ll get all the same benefits and full warranty that you do with our new devices. So, you’re not risking anything.

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tado° works with your radiators

Compatible heating systems

Apartments with radiators
This product is for you, if your radiators have thermostatic valves and these are fed by central or district heating.

Additional boiler
If you have an additional boiler, you can equip it with a Smart Thermostat. This will increase efficiency and help you to save more energy.

Compatible manufacturers

tado° is not affiliated with a particular manufacturer. This means that almost all conventional radiators by a broad range of manufacturers can be combined with our Smart Radiator Thermostats. Various adapters are included in the package.

Smart home integration

Set the living room temperature to 21 degrees" – tado° works with the most smart home systems like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.