Your benefits with Balance for Heat Pumps

  • Lower costs

    Your heat pump only consumes energy when electricity prices are low.

    Balance also takes the outdoor climate into account. This means your heat pump works in an optimised way.

  • Less effort

    Put your feet up: tado° Balance automatically controls electricity consumption to suit you. And you never have to compromise on your ideal temperature.

  • Less impact on the environment

    When electricity prices are particularly favourable, it also means that there is a lot of green electricity in the grid. So you're primarily using renewable energy.

How Balance works

Balance scans the development of the electricity price over the course of the day. To save you money, Balance reduces the operation of your heat pump when prices are high. Consumption is thus shifted to times when electricity prices are more favourable.

The idea behind it: Dynamic Hourly Prices

Supply and demand determine the price of electricity over the course of the day. For example, if there is a lot of wind and solar energy, prices fall. Balance benefits from this: price peaks are avoided and your heat pump uses the electricity when prices are low.

Try it out for free

Try out Balance for 3 months without obligation with every purchase of a Heat Pump Optimizer X. After that, the subscription costs €5.99 per month or €49.99 per year.

If you already have a Heat Pump Optimiser X installed, simply subscribe to Balance for heat pumps in the tado° app.

An inseparable pair: Balance and Heat Pump Optimiser X

To be able to use Balance, you need the tado° Heat Pump Optimiser X. But it can do much more than just enable Balance. Find out here how it makes your heat pump smart.

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What is Balance for Heat Pumps?

Balance is an additional subscription in the tado° app that controls the consumption of your heat pump so that it only uses electricity when prices are particularly low. Balance also takes the outdoor climate into account to optimise the use of your heat pump even more.

How do I activate Balance?

You can add the subscription in the tado° App.

Under what conditions can I use Balance?

Balance works together with the tado° Heat Pump Optimiser X. You also need a time-dynamic electricity tariff for Balance to reveal its full potential.

Which tariffs and electricity providers can I use with Balance?

tado° Balance automatically works with any energy supplier that offers dynamic time-of-use electricity tariffs with real-time pricing.

What is a time-dynamic electricity tariff?

A time-dynamic electricity tariff is based on the times when prices on the electricity market are particularly favourable. Electricity consumption is reduced during expensive price peaks. This means you automatically spend less on electricity without sacrificing convenience.
By subscribing to tado° Balance, you also enable your heat pump to benefit from such tariffs and thus save even more energy costs.

I do not have a time dynamic energy tariff. Can I still use tado° Balance?

You can use Balance if you want to make sure that you use as much green energy as possible and that your heat pump control considers the outside climate.
However, to utilise the full energy-saving potential of your heat pump, you need a time dynamic tariff.

How much does Balance cost?

You can book Balance in the app for €5.99 per month or €49.99 per year.