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Wireless Temperature Sensor X

Wireless Temperature Sensor X

More comfort: Expand your Smart Radiator Thermostats X with an additional Wireless Temperature Sensor X to control your optimal temperature with precision. Control several radiators in a room and unlock even more comfort conveniently with one device.

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The easiest type of smart temperature control: save energy and costs – without effort or sacrificing comfort.

  • Where it matters most

    Measure the temperature in an exact spot in your home, instead of directly at the heat source.

  • DIY installation

    Install tado° yourself in just a few minutes using the app. Place the Wireless Temperature Sensor X on a wall or surface of your choice, or choose a matching stand for your device.

  • One for all

    Control several radiator thermostats X in one room, all from a single device with tado° Wireless Temperature Sensor X

  • Future-proof technology

    Running your smart home just got even easier. tado° uses universal technology that allows a wide range of devices throughout your home to connect to a reliable network. It is so robust that connection problems are a thing of the past.

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Product details: Wireless Temperature Sensor X

What’s in the box?

- Wireless Temperature Sensor X
- 3x AAA battery
- 2x wall mounting screw
- 2x wall plug
- 3x sticky pad


100 x 100 x 21mm

Power supply

Batteries: 4.5 VDC 3×AAA (LR03) 1200 mAh

Internet connection

Connects to the internet with the tado° Bridge X or any other Thread border router.

To install tado°, you need at least iOS 16.4 or Android 9.0.



User interface

Display: 49 x 30mm LCD, LED backlight
Input: 3× mechanical.


Via app, smart speaker or with the buttons on the device.

Multi-language support

The tado° app, instructions and software are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


Limited warranty: 2 years

More tado° devices, more energy savings

Expand your tado° setup and control multiple rooms individually via the app. For added convenience and more savings.

tado° X supports the universal smart home standard Matter and works with Google, Apple and Alexa. For standardised control throughout your smart home.

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