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Heat Pump Optimizer X

Heat Pump Optimizer X

Complete remote control: control your heat pump temperature and schedules from anywhere.
Compatible with air-to-water, water-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps even without a connected thermostat.

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Is tado° compatible with my heat pump?

The Heat Pump Optimiser X is compatible with the following heat pump brands:

- Vaillant
- Atlantic
- Saunier Duval
- Fujitsu
- and more.

Check here, if your model is compatible. If is is not, please leave your manufacturer and model here. We'll get in touch as soon as tado° is compatible.

tado° App - this is what it looks like:

Easy DIY installation

Stress-free set-up and installation. The tado° app will guide you step-by-step to get your heat pump started.

Product details: Heat Pump Optimizer X

What’s in the box?

- Heat Pump Optimizer X
- power cable
- heat pump cable with 3x adapters for different heat pump models
- 2x wall plugs
- 2x wall screws


130 x 130 x 27.5mm

Power supply

Operating Voltage: 230 VAC 0.2 A fused.



User interface

User interface: LCD Display + 1 LED. Input: 3 × mechanical.


Via the app, your smart speaker or with the buttons on the device.

Multi-language support

The tado° app, instructions and software are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


Limited warranty: 2 years


Can I install tado° on my own?

Easy at-home install - tado° app guides you step by step and is customised to your heat pump. You may have to open your heat pump, but don't worry: tado° will help you every step of the way.

How does the Heat Pump Optimizer X help me save energy?

By controlling your temperature and schedules in the app, you can make your heat pump's energy consumption even more efficient. This means it consumes less energy.

Does the Heat Pump Optimiser X replace my heat pump programmer?

The Heat Pump Optimizer X does not replace the heat pump programmer, it synchronises with it. You can still decide whether you want to control your heat pump using tado° or the heat pump itself.

My heat pump already has its own app. Why do I need the tado° app?

Control the schedules of your temperature and, if applicable, your hot water, all with the tado° app. Plus, get insights into your energy consumption. The app also offers even more options to improve your energy consumption. You can control multiple rooms individually in the app by adding additional Smart Thermostats X or Smart Radiator Thermostats X.

Can I expand the Heat Pump Optimiser X with Smart Thermostats X?

Yes, the Heat Pump Optimiser X works with other Smart Thermostats X. Your benefit: Your room control is linked with your smart heat pump control, for more convenience and energy efficiency.

What kind of Smart Thermostats are suitable for the Heat Pump Optimiser X?

If you have radiators, simply equip them with Smart Radiator Thermostat X. For wired room thermostats like those with water-based underfloor heating, simply replace them with Smart Thermostats X.

Why is controlling multiple rooms with tado° an advantage?

Controlling the temperature in several rooms with tado° is a key benefit that allows your to individually control each room all in the app. This is more convenient while saving even more energy by minimising heat loss and eliinating heat where you don't need it. The addition of a Heat Pump Optimiser X allows you to control several rooms and synchronise them with your heat pump.

I'm buying tado° for the first time. Do I need a Bridge X?

The Heat Pump Optimiser X also works as a Thread Border Router. This means it connects your smart home network to the internet and the tado° cloud. So you don't need an additional tado° Bridge X.

I already have tado° V3+ with an Internet Bridge. Is this compatible with tado° X?

If you already have tado° V3+ devices in your home, simply expand them as before with the V3+ Add-ons. The Bridge X and all tado° X products are not compatible with tado° V3+.

What happens if I’m offline?

Your heat pump's programming settings are automatically saved so it continues to run even if the internet connection fails.

What's Thread?

Thread technology was developed to make networking smart home devices easier: Thread-enabled devices form their own, robust network so that they communicate with each other. The entire network only requires one Thread border router, regardless of the devices you have and the manufacturers they’re from.