Smart Thermostats - your Vodafone Happy deal

Simply want to feel comfortable in your home without worrying about your energy consumption? Then you've come to the right place: Get Smart Thermostats from tado°. Now at a special price for you. Simply enter the discount code at the checkout.

How does tado° work?

With Smart Thermostats from tado°, you always save energy. tado° is a sustainable solution that helps you to save on heating costs right away. Check out how it works here.


Starter Kits

Replace your existing thermostats with tado° Smart Thermostats and start saving energy and costs immediately.

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Controlling more rooms means more savings potential: Expand your Starter Kit with additional tado° products to increase your energy savings in every room, at any time.

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Basic Line


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Which product fits your heating system?

Find out here which Starter Kit suits your heating system. Watch our video or search in our product finder. With information about your heating system, we will tell you what you need so that you can start heating efficiently.

Voucher codes are not valid for Certified Refurbished and Basic products. They cannot be applied to discounted products or in combination with other offers. Recommended retail price. Sale in household quantities only. Commercial resale is not permitted and will be prosecuted. Product packaging is marked.