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Bridge X

Bridge X

The Bridge X connects all of your tado° X products to the internet. You only need one Bridge X per home. If you have a larger home, a second Bridge X can be used as a signal amplifier.

Compatible with tado° X


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What's inside the Bridge X?

  • Stable network that won’t let you down

    The Bridge X is a Thread Border Router. It connects your smart home network to the internet when you’re using Thread-enabled devices (e.g., tado° X and others too).

  • One is all you need

    You only need one Bridge X for your entire Thread network (which could consist of tado° X, as well as devices by other brands). However, you might install more than one Bridge X if you want to strengthen your network.

  • For every home

    Do you live in a larger home? Then add a second or third Bridge X as a signal amplifier to make your Thread network even more stable and robust.

  • Online in a flash

    Simply plug the Bridge X into a socket and you’re ready to go. It automatically connects to your Wi-Fi router.

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Do you need a Bridge X?

Find out whether you need a Bridge X here.

  • You won't need an additional Bridge X if:

    • You already have a tado° Bridge X
    • You already have a Thread border router by another brand
  • You will need an additional Bridge X if:

    • You don’t yet have a Thread border router in your home
    • You have a larger home in which the Bridge X will serve as a signal amplifier

Product details: Bridge X

What’s in the box?

- Bridge X (Thread border router)
- UK power adapter
- EU power adapter


60 x 60 x 74 mm

Power supply

Operating Voltage: 230 V, Power Consumption: 0.7 W.

Internet connection

Connects to your Wi-Fi router via WPS.

To install tado°, you need at least iOS 16.4 or Android 9.0.



User interface

Display: 4 x LED,
Input: 1 x mechanical.


Using the button on the device or through the app.

Multi-language support

The tado° app, instructions and software are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


Limited warranty: 2 years

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