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Kit di base - Termostato Intelligente Cablato V3+ con 12 mesi di Auto-Assist

Kit di base - Termostato Intelligente Cablato V3+ con 12 mesi di Auto-Assist

Intelligente? Geniale! Ricevi un Termostato Intelligente Cablato tado° con Internet Bridge e 12 mesi di Auto-Assist (per un valore di 29,99€).

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About the product

What's in the bundle

Il pacchetto comprende un Termostato Intelligente Cablato tado°, l'Internet Bridge e un periodo di 12 mesi di Auto-Assist gratuito (del valore di 29,99€). Il costo ordinario dell'abbonamento è di 3,99€ al mese o 29,99€ all'anno.

• Termostato Intelligente cablato
• 3 batterie AAA
• Etichette per il cablaggio
• 2 viti per il montaggio a parete
• 2 tasselli
• 2 cuscinetti adesivi
• 1 Internet Bridge
• 1 alimentatore UK
• 1 alimentatore EU
• 1 cavo USB
• 1 cavo Ethernet


• Termostato Intelligente: 104 x 104 x 18 mm
• Internet Bridge: 81 x 27 x 22 mm

Maximum energy savings with minimum effort

Auto-Assist adjusts your heating when you are away or open the window, without you having to do anything. This way you never miss an opportunity to save. You also get full transparency over your energy consumption and costs. See for example how much you save just by turning the heating down one degree. Simple, easy and smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the added value of Auto-Assist?

Auto-Assist fully automates certain features that are otherwise manually controlled in the app. Without Auto-Assist you will receive a notification via the app to adjust your heating when tado° detects an open window or you are away from home. If you miss a notification or do not react to it and the heating continues to run, energy is wasted. In addition, Energy IQ gives you full transparency over your energy consumption and costs, including monthly comparisons. This way you can easily see, e.g. how much difference one degree can make on your energy bill. Finally, Care & Protect monitors whether your system is functioning properly and warns of possible problems early on.

How do I turn on Auto-Assist?

Once you installed your tado° Starter Kit and created your 'Home' in the app, you will receive a pop-up in the app asking you to activate Auto-Assist. By activating it you will have immediate access to Energy IQ, Care & Protect as well as fully automated Geofencing and Open Window Detection.
Go to the Geofencing settings to customise the perimeter around your home that is considered your home zone. And for Open Window Detection, choose yourself how long the heating should be turned down automatically when an open window is detected.

What happens after your 12 months of Auto-Assist?

12 months of Auto-Assist (worth €29.99) are already included in the purchase price of this bundle. Do you want to continue with Auto-Assist? Then after these 12 months it costs €29.99 per year. You will be able to cancel it at any time. The subscription needs to be actively cancelled if you do not wish to continue using Auto-Assist after the first 12 months.

What is Auto-Assist?

Auto-Assist is a paid subscription in the tado° app that makes saving energy and money easier while maximising your comfort. Auto-Assist fully automates Open Window Detection and Geolocation, so you never have to adjust the heating in the app manually when you leave home or open the window. With Auto-Assist you get Energy IQ, a detailed overview of your energy consumption and costs. Finally, you get access to Care & Protect, a feature that monitors whether your system exhibits unexpected behavior and warns you in case of any issue.