Never burn money again: utility costs controlled smart

Heat your home with peace of mind from now on. Get tado° and your heating bill will never be a nasty surprise again.

Instant help for your utility bill

Heating costs account for over 70% of your utility bills. So this is where the greatest savings potential is hidden. tado° can help you here to not only save costs and have full control over your energy consumption, but also to increase your comfort at home.

Never burn money again: here are some tips

Do you already know these 4 tips that will help you enjoy a warm and cosy home while saving money?

Try them out now and save energy.

  • #1 Ventilate regularly and briefly

    Only ventilate in bursts instead of tilting windows: This is because heat is lost and the heating has to work even harder to maintain the temperature. If you ventilate intensively and briefly, you save energy and costs.

  • #2 Control rooms individually

    Set the temperature in each room so that you feel comfortable. For example, higher in the bathroom than in the bedroom. This reduces your energy consumption without compromising on comfort.

  • #3 Heat according to your demand

    If nobody is at home, turn the heating down. This avoids high energy costs that are of no benefit. But don't switch it off completely, otherwise too much energy will be used to heat it up again.

  • #4 Make it easy with the tado° app

    Heat with tado° - the expert for smart heating and energy management at home. Then you don't have to worry about the first tips. Because our app, connected to the Smart Radiator Thermostats, takes care of that. It informs you when you should change your heating settings.

How tado° works

Find out more about our innovative technology - which allows you to use less energy and optimise your heating behaviour.

Proven by millions: You too can trust the experts

Our products and services are developed and designed in Germany. We focus exclusively on energy-efficient heating. This enables us to guarantee the highest product quality, ease of use and outstanding design.

  • Energy and money savings

    With tado°, you can permanently reduce your energy consumption by up to 28%* without sacrificing comfort and save money in the long term.

  • Full control

    With tado°, you can keep track of your energy consumption at all times. So you can watch yourself save.

  • Simple installation

    tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats have already been installed millions of times - in just a few simple steps.

  • Smart Home Integration

    Conveniently control your heating with your smart home system. Compatible with Apple, Google and Alexa.

Do you have a different heating system?

Good news: tado° has the right solution for every heating system.

Our Smart Thermostats are compatible with most manufacturers.

*Based on the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics Study: "Dynamic simulation study to compare the energy demand of selected, typical homes with heating control with weather forecast and absence detection versus conventional heating control", 2022 (EER-021/2022/720).